Friday, May 20, 2011

Little Fairy Wings.

I'm at my friend Karen's house, typing on her office computer. I love this room! So much light coming through the big window, a great vibey space.

I just looked to my left out the window and outside there are the biggest widest leaves I've ever seen on this palm-tree type Cali plant. I mean, these leaves are HUGE. I honestly feel like I could get up on one of those leaves and slide on down like a Fairy in a Disney film into a delicious, pool of water. Splish splash, I am having a blast!

And wouldn't you know it that just yesterday by the pool, I saw this very same plant, just from another angle, and from much further away. It looked just as magestic, and proud and green. Nothing Fairy-ish came to mind but I did marvel at its beauty.

I am amazed by life: It never ever stops offering us opportunities to see from a different persepctive, to experience, and feel, and love, from all directions. Even in the familiar, there never ceases to be a way-in that's new.

I suppose it's our job to practice seeing with a sense of newness that we may not be accustomed to. To see with newness, we must practice slowing down, breathing, smiling.

Imagine how we'll all be noticing life in a new way when can feel our own hearts again. Because we are God's little Pixies, here to create and carry out our own little adventures - splish, splash, Cleaning off the little Fairy wings! They need to be sparklie and fresh because they are our transportation to Neverland, where the adventure lands, but never ever grows old and where every boy and girl is free to fly to and fro as the light, to the light. We can be like little fireflies flitting about by our little Fairy wings, seeing what's around each bend, smiling all the way.

Ahhh....I could get used to this.

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