Thursday, November 26, 2009

Roots and Minerals

I called my mom yesterday afternoon, to ask what herb would be best with roasted root vegetables. How ironic, she was also making roasted root vegetables to bring for her Thanksgiving dinner at my cousin's house in NY!  31oo miles between her east and my west and we're still always connected. My family, my roots, the soil for the roots with the minerals that nurtured me to grow, and now, the nurturing elements in and around me today. Drizzled with oil and seasoned with salt, anointed and healed. Nourishing me today in a meal with friends, memories of yesterday and today feeding my quest for life and growth, and gratitude. I guess this all may sound way too metaphorical and deep for what started as a question of herbs for roasted root vegetables, so on a lighter note, she said she likes to use thyme (rosemary can sometimes be a little overpowering, she shared).  

From Physical to Virtual

My idea was to start a physical church - a "Center for Spiritual Growth". I filed the idea away, too many logistics and after years of performing in spiritual centers and churches, I've seen the operations, politics and cost that come with that. It works successfully in a few cases yet it may not be an endeavor I want to undertake. I've read wonderful blogs before ... my friend Laura D. recently released her Joyjitsu blog and today I read Frankie's recent post on "Time" and Wahoo - something Clicked!  In a few minutes of being in the flow, the Oxygen Church Blog was up and running. Like it was always here.  

Oh how I love my witchy women friends, and Grateful for all of us who are doing best-practices in our lives, staying healthy, working out old stuff, being Love, so we may experience more and more flow-moments. For it's our individual work that creates safe spaces and opportunities for the world.  

How Amazing when we move out of physical self and surroundings, follow our physical heart into our intangible spirit and soul. Those moments are so purposeful. 

Yes, I guess I went Virtual, in more ways than one.

Are you saved?

A few days ago, a gal was sharing her experiences of God ("the lord", she said) and how the holy spirit fills her up. She asked if I was "Saved" and very carefully, yet swiftly I said with a smile "I am very ... connected". Then she asked if we could pray and I said yes.  And as she prayed, I began translating her words, translating how her words made me feel, and how they seemed to make her feel. It was an incredible experience for me, in so many ways, but the one that really sticks out is how, without judgement, I came to a greater understanding of her and her God-road. In those moments together, I felt a generosity of spirit, a coming together despite our individual approaches. What a fantastic starting point for growth in my life, and in the world. So I wonder, am I saved?  Perhaps in that moment, I was.


OXYGEN (from
"Something that sustains or fuels"

CHURCH (from
"Out of a calling"

The Light inside.

Today is Thanksgiving Day and I'm grateful for every little thing, especially the little flame that could ... always lit, sometimes a high flame, sometimes a low flame, but always lit. It's my decision on how brightly I desire it to shine. Today - I choose unimaginable brightness. For me, for the world, Forever.