Thursday, January 7, 2010

Faithfully unexpecting.

My friend Jennifer shared something with me back in Sept and it will never ever ever leave my heart:" Maybe it's time to dust off the dream" (perhaps not the precise wording but you get the vibe). So It's the first week of the new year of a new decade and I've been reflecting on all the dreams and ideas and visions I've had in my life up until now. There are ALOT and I feel like a bit of a slacker (I'll only allow that feeling for a minute or so). I think I have been on the periphery of my own life. WOW. Let me scream it from the mountaintops - I have been on the periphery of my own life!! OK, not a bad thing to realize at all. So what to do, what do to. Hmm. Well, the truth of it is I am BEYOND grateful for my journey, for my choices, for my years, for everything. I'm 40 something (yes, I am) and I feel free from the expectation I was married to (more like shackled to) in my younger years. I can choose new paths (or old ideas I want to dust off) and jump into life in 2010 with the skills, expertise, networks, faith and confidence of right now. I'm moving in and through the much-lighter muck of my "Adventures-in-Not-Knowing", with alot more happiness and motivation in the pursuit. My knapsack is filled with faith and the road is welcoming. I do need a new pair of walking shoes, though. There will be many miles traveled on this year's road.

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