Thursday, November 26, 2009

From Physical to Virtual

My idea was to start a physical church - a "Center for Spiritual Growth". I filed the idea away, too many logistics and after years of performing in spiritual centers and churches, I've seen the operations, politics and cost that come with that. It works successfully in a few cases yet it may not be an endeavor I want to undertake. I've read wonderful blogs before ... my friend Laura D. recently released her Joyjitsu blog and today I read Frankie's recent post on "Time" and Wahoo - something Clicked!  In a few minutes of being in the flow, the Oxygen Church Blog was up and running. Like it was always here.  

Oh how I love my witchy women friends, and Grateful for all of us who are doing best-practices in our lives, staying healthy, working out old stuff, being Love, so we may experience more and more flow-moments. For it's our individual work that creates safe spaces and opportunities for the world.  

How Amazing when we move out of physical self and surroundings, follow our physical heart into our intangible spirit and soul. Those moments are so purposeful. 

Yes, I guess I went Virtual, in more ways than one.

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